Split Brain DNS and root domain websites

I had a situation recently where a client had a new Windows Server 2016 Domain and during setup, we used their main external FQDN for Forest Domain. (externaldomain.com)

On competition of the project, all was fine except they were unable to access their external website. Everything else was fine.

Normally we would setup DNS with an A record for the www entry, however the website was built with SEO in mind, and redirected www to https://externaldomain.com and some money already invested. This would not resolve internally.


We decided to install Squid-Cache


Issue : 20411D – Module 8 LAB B

Having gone though this lab, I had problems with LON-CL3 not displaying iphttpsinterface correctly.

I went through the following commands which didnt help:

netsh interface teredo set state disable

netsh interface 6to4 set state disable

After a bit of playing, I turned off IPv6 which immediately resolved the issue.

Slow Performance with Sharepoint Online

For a while I have been trying to troubleshoot one clients slow Sharepoint performance.

This client originally had problems with the Onedrive For Business Sync Client with document libraries failing to sync. Microsoft advised not using sync but mapping to Sharepoint in Windows Explorer.

This resolved one problem, however when navigating the folder structure, they would get slow performance in refreshing the folders and some timeouts.

They also had issues when saving document. These documents would appear as offline copy.

After some more research I found this link.


Once installed and run, it picked up DNS resolution time to be more than 25ms.

Looking at the DNS settings, they were using Googles open dns and

I changed them back to the local ISP dns server and thinks have got a lot better.

Anyone having issue, try this method and let us know how you get on.

Adobe PDF to SharePoint – MAC OSX

Problem: Saving a PDF attachment directly to Sharepoint Online


Download Adobe Reader DC

Install Adobe Reader DC

Open Adode Reader DC

Under Storage, Add Account

Under Microsoft Sharepoint, Click Add

Enter Account Name

Enter URL : https://*****.sharepoint.com

Open PDF from Email. This will open in Adobe Reader DC

File, Save As, Storage (Choose Sharepoint), navigate to folder and save.

Links:  https://get.adobe.com/reader/